The Slide Continues

So MrTB4M has a unit meeting scheduled at work for last week. All of the “big” bosses are coming into town for Monday and Tuesday. These are the kinds of meeting that the corporate world folks dread – a lot of man hours spent in close quarters listening to quotes and formulas, projections and short-comings; time being asked for opinions and feeling pretty strongly that the question is only a formality.

Then, the Friday before MrTB4M gets a call from a co-worker. The co-worker has been reassigned to a special project. The proverbial writing on the wall. We have anticipated this for weeks and now it seems it is imminent. Yet, the weekend was peaceful – no anxiety, no palpitations, no panic. There was still the Sunday night dread of what Monday and Tuesday would entail, but no panic over the announcement anticipated.

Sure enough, by end of day Tuesday, MrTB4M has about as many details as he will get. The department is being evaluated to be stream lined into desk operated positions utilizing external vendors for cost containment. The process will be quick with most of the pilots to be maximum of 6 months. Suffice it to say there were many in the group that were flustered, angry, nervous, and outright scared of what the future holds. But, not MrTB4M – he was calm, relaxed, and at peace. This solidified his plans to leave and maybe even pushed up the date a little. We had been planning on July 2019……….but, it could be much sooner. I dare say there was relief in his shoulders.

I never would have dreamed that we would be calm and relaxed when faced with the reality that we are a family of 10 with two in college and we will soon be operating on one income. I mean really, in this day and age there are plenty of two income families that are barely making it – and here we are almost looking forward to the hatchet falling.

MrTB4M didn’t miss a beat, he got right to what he does best – calculating. AND he found out that we were actually in a better position than we thought – even after the sliding stock market and the dives of our retirement funds. We can do it, it will be fine!

Don’t be fooled – it took a lot of work to get to this peacefulness (and a lot of envelopes and scratch paperJ). But, we made it and it feels so good!opportunity

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