The stock market is plunging, the gains of an entire year are wiped out, and college accounts are tanking. With two in college from now until J7 graduates in 16 years (YIKES) none of this seems like anything to be thankful for. Now, I am not talking about being thankful for basic needs – that is not what this is about at all. We are eternally thankful that we have our family, their health, and the means to provide for daily needs without problem. We are aware of the less fortunate and are able to give to them weekly as well. What this is about, is the position we are in; where we can be thankful that this series of events (tanking accounts, plummeting stocks, college forever) does not define us.

The events are not good for us by any stretch, but at this point – we can take a step back and almost relax. NONE of these things directly impacts the daily needs of our family. We know that our vision, of what we will be able to help with college wise, may have to change; we know our retirement portfolio looks different than 6 months ago.

What we can be THANKFUL for is that none of this defines us and none of it changes the way we will live our lives. We have trained ourselves to live with a purpose and spend with a purpose. It is second nature to us at this point. All we have to do is stay the course.

No matter what your personal circumstances are, take a moment and step back. Look at the overall picture, regroup and decide where you are going, and then figure out step by step how you will get there. It is a journey – and journeys are filled with adventure. Adventure can be filled with adrenaline rushes or sudden pitfalls. Just don’t forget the journey.

2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. steveark

    Hey, we aren’t losing any money, we are just giving back a little we earned earlier. Plus, if you don’t sell then you haven’t lost. It’s just money, life and time to live it are what matter. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  2. Great way to look at it. We often discuss how nice it is that “losing” large amounts of money is really not having an impact on our day to day lives. We worked hard to get here – but it is nice to be in this position. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!


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