Blowing Through – January 10, 2019

Well here we are, ten days into the New Year! It hardly seems possible that 2018 passed so quickly and that 2019 is in full swing. The Christmas season was wonderful at our house. I have to say it was the most peaceful holiday we have had.

We hosted Christmas Eve for 28 – which ended up to be 26 (and that is another story all together). People came on time and left much later than normal. There was no drama and there was an amazingly controllable level of “stuff”. There was a ton of smiles and laughter!

Christmas morning I got up and started breakfast – breakfast crescent ring and monkey bread. Now, admittedly I had originally planned a different menu – BUT, once the kids found out I was quickly reminded that Monkey Bread is a Christmas “tradition” for us. Who was I to argue with that logic? I had coffee made, bread baking, and the ring assembled before the first one was up.

J6 came down the hall – eyes barely open, shoulders drooping – and made the turn towards the tree. At that moment, a shriek of delight; eyes brightened; shoulders raised; and a definite pep in his step. It was awesome! It took a little persuasion to keep him quiet “for just a few minutes” to allow MrTB4M to fully wake up. But, I admit his excitement was contagious!

We let him wake everyone else up so they could have presents before breakfast and Church. MrTB4M and I were passing out presents, making sure everyone had at least one, and expecting squeals of delight and sounds of ripping paper. Almost simultaneously we turn to look at the kids and they are all just sitting, looking at their gift – very quietly J6 says “Well, can we open it?” I cannot imagine where the 3 little boys gathered the self-control to just look at the gifts.

Santa was very generous and brought them all 2 gifts; MrTB4M and I kicked in a 3rd gift. EVERYONE got at least one thing they really wanted. MrTB4M and I even got a puzzle – a 1000 piece Ravensburger Disney puzzle to be precise. I was pretty excited about that!


Presents opened; breakfast; and dressed for church. All without argument – shaping up to be a great day. Mass was not as crowded as we had expected but the service was beautiful. We were home by 10:30. Everyone changed into comfortable clothes – MrTB4M and myself donned our brand new Missouri S&T Mom/Dad shirts courtesy of J2 – and they were off to the basement with their new things.

Midafternoon MrTB4M and I started our puzzle; pretty soon two or three of the kids were helping. I had to tear myself away to make dinner – by now it was nearly 4 in the afternoon and we were still without tears or arguing. Certainly a strange day. The puzzle was still calling though – something about having the time to do a puzzle and to do a puzzle with a Disney theme! After everyone was exhausted and tucked in to bed, MrTB4M and I resumed the puzzle. Slightly before 1 am he put the last piece in (it is tradition that I “let” him be the one to finish all puzzles). The next day the kids could not believe we finished it.

Here we are two weeks later – we have started school work again; decorations have been put away (or at least into the garage); and on Sunday J1 makes the trip back to Truman. I am already sad – again, I know this is how it is supposed to be; I know he is ready; and we are excited to see where he lands when this is over – but, it has been so nice having the table full again and everyone home. We have J2 home for one more week and he will head back as well. That will begin the 16 week countdown to summer, when my house will be full again – I can’t wait.

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