Another Lap?

We have knocked off over 100 outlines since last post – 140 remaining. Our kitchen no longer has a Mickey Mouse theme garland and more than half the hallway has been “undecorated”. This should be bringing such peace and finality – yet, it is bringing the challenge to replace this goal with another one. It is forcing discussions to make sure we are on the same page – the same page as each other and the same page we were on when we started the journey.

Goals are great! Visual reminders are wonderful. Proddings from outside sources are awesome too. For example the phone call from your boss that your job is changing. The title, the description, the expectations – the WHOLE job. Changing over a span of a week.

The initial response from MRTB4M was “this is it” we are accelerating the plan and moving forward. I was on board, I know we can do it. Then MRTB4M paused and started wondering if he could stick it out; if we could put outlines of graduation caps or RVs up to replace Mickey Mouse. Hmmm, well I guess we can – but, why? When will enough be enough? It is like a roller coaster ride.


Then the messages start from the new customers; the new customers that found their way to MRTB4M without advertising. Now the ideas are churning again, not about how to stay longer – but about what he can do with his time when he isn’t stuck to the confines of his computer. We are back on track looking at May 12th as a final date. The end is definitely in sight!


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