We Made It

We have hit the goal – MrTB4M can leave his corporate job. But, he hasn’t. In fact, I am pretty sure that he talks less about “when” he will leave now than he did before we got to this point. We have spent the better part of a year talking dates and strategizing to move them up.

Yet, two weeks ago we hit the “target” – the ears were all down. Vacations were planned and budgeted; college funds in line with what we needed; budgets in place for home and car repair; roof and gutters replaced – the list goes on. Guess what?! MrTB4M is still working at the table in our basement.

You may ask what “changed”? I know I do! The best I can tell is that the freedom of knowing his job isn’t “needed” has possibly taken some of the stress out of it and MrTB4M is plugging right along. He is still growing his driving business and cannot keep up with the demand.

The older boys are working their way home for the summer. J1 came back over the weekend and asked when MrTB4M “finally quit”. Then he thought I was joking when I said he hadn’t. You see, EVERYONE in the house was on board with the change……..and we are all still waiting.

J2 finished finals this week and starts an internship on Monday. So, he will be home about 4 days before starting a full time internship. This is a great opportunity, but it also means he won’t be taking vacation with us this year. For the FIRST time ever, we will not be traveling as a family. This is definitely bittersweet (and maybe more so for MrTB4M than me). We have raised the kids to grow up, become productive citizens, and be self-sufficient (at least we hope). But, vacation without one of them????? This is a whole new feeling. The up side is that I have something to write about other than a spinning ride of indecisiveness!  The down side is that I have to write about adjusting to doing things with only “part” of the family!

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