Full House For Summer

We have officially had our house “full” again for two weeks. J1 and J2 are back for the summer, everyone has switched back to their normal bedrooms – and the house is FULL. Remember, we have a 1000 square foot home – and now 10 people. But, this full house is refreshing (when I ignore the mounds of things thrown haphazardly along the floor or the fact that my food pantry is empty as quick as I can fill it)!

We are working on getting our summer groove. J2 started his internship at a bottling company. The hours are early (he has to get up at 5 am – and for a young college boy this is torture) and the warehouse is hot. But, he knows the opportunity is good and the pay will definitely help with tuition in the fall. This week he adds football weight training back into his schedule, so I bet he will really be wiped out by the end of the week.

Since we won’t have a “family” vacation, we splurged this weekend and took the kids to Branson. A nice condo rental on Tablerock Lake over the 3 day weekend was what we needed.


We spent most of the weekend outdoors enjoying the lake, the pool, playing mini golf, and riding the Branson Alpine Coaster (worth the splurge!). Sunday we celebrated MrTB4M’s birthday with homemade spaghetti and meatballs (his request) and birthday cake. We even managed to sneak his gifts down without him finding them.


It was refreshing to have two days to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Now we are all back at the grind. MrTB4M is still planning to work in the basement – although he says that there is something tolerable about the job since he knows it is no longer necessary; I am still on my four ten hour shift routine; J2 is up and at them early again today; J1 and J3 are headed to the greenhouse; J4 starts her babysitting job today; and my little ones are kicking off their summer reading program from the library – I am not above using silly prizes to keep them motivated to read this summer.

Next week starts vacation planning (there is some strategy involved to hauling 9 of us to the northeast in an RV); school planning; and co-op class planning. Of course there are also the summer projects (gardening and home wish list) to keep us busy. That is one thing for sure, our family never lacks opportunity – because we know that we can always create an opportunity for ourselves.


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