We Made it!


Officially, the loooonnnngg journey ended on 06-21-2019. MrTB4M left corporate America in search of more. More time at home, more freedom, and more happiness. That day was a bit nostalgic; there may have been a few moments of second guessing – but, the decision was made and there was no turning back.

long road

Now, here we are just about 12 days later. AND today, MrTB4M is out picking up our RV rental for our 17 day vacation. YES! We are still going on vacation, even after he quit his job. That is part of the planning and being purposeful with our treasures. Now we enjoy.

I am sure the next few months will bring many things to write on as we all adjust to our “new” lives on FIRE. Until then, you can check out the travel page of our blog as I will be updating regularly (as regularly as spotty WIFI allows) as we knock off 8 more states on our bucket list. I have no doubt that 9 (or 10) people in a 30 foot RV on a road trip spanning at least 3,000 miles (by the time we return) will be filled with fun, fights, fears, and failed plans. Luckily, I am confident that the trip will also be filled with an abundance of opportunity to embrace our continued journey to Time B4 Money.


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