A New Chapter Begins

Tomorrow officially begins a new chapter for us.  While MrTB4M has been “unemployed” since the 21st of June, it has not impacted anything at home since we were on vacation since July 3rd.  He purposefully did not schedule many driving lessons prior to this week so that he could enjoy vacation.

We came back 3 days early to spend some time with J2; and to catch up on some things here – license plate renewals; car titles for the business; odds and ends around the house.  AND – we were all starting to feel the stress of the crowded RV in the northeast….this was a trip full of mishaps and stress and we were ready to be done.

However, tomorrow – I go back to work.  I am not looking forward to the 0420 alarm at all; but, it is what has to be done.  MrTB4M has 13 lessons scheduled for the upcoming week – 3 over his goal of 10/week.  He has blocked Tuesday for a dentist appointment (himself) and a physical exam (J3).  Possibly he will also take care of finishing the dual enrollment process with J3 for the fall semester.

It will be interesting to see how this week goes – to see how the routine settles for us.  Sadly, this is also the last week J2 is home.  He has to move back to school on Sunday, the 28th to prep for football camps.  He has really had a short summer – productive, but short.

We managed to get MrTB4M to FIRE – and have discussed moving to get me there as well.  As always, we will take it one day at a time!


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