It’s Going!

One thing we seem to be asked quite often is “How is it going?”  Now, this isn’t the casual “Hi, how is it going?”  This is the “we really thought you were crazy and want to prove ourselves right” kind of “How’s it going?” 

Last week was the first real week we could even entertain answering that – the rest of the FIRE time has been spent prepping for vacation and vacationing.

But, last week was IT! I was at work and MRTB4M was at home. So, how was it going?

Well, he was busy all day Sunday getting things set up for the week. His goal was 10 driving lessons – by the end of the week he had 14. So far so good. Routines were starting to get established, chores being ironed out, the house was still standing at the end of day 1J

Day 2 made MrTB4M question himself – “is this a sign or is this a test?” You see, Monday evening there was a slight issue with the new car, a curb, some mulch, and a tree as a new driver mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brake pedal. Yikes! Luckily, there really wasn’t much physical damage and MrTB4M was able to encourage his student and get them back in the car.

Well, that brings us to Tuesday – and MrTB4M and J3 are headed to soccer practice. Then the phone rings – uh, oh! The car “is dead”. Luckily it is the old car and not the new one; but, it was J3’s car and we just had $700 worth of work done to it. No time to think of that now – they are on the side of the highway with a vehicle overheating and no transmission and need a ride. I load everyone up and start the route that MrTB4M gave me – half way there J3 calls. They have managed to get the car moving again and so my route changes. AND then J3 calls again, MrTB4M is continuing to “Press His Luck” – so the route changed again. AND then again and again. Before the evening was done – MrTB4M had managed to get the vehicle and J3 home about 20 minutes before I managed to complete the circuit drive. Not exactly what I had planned for the night!

Back to back issues caused him to wonder if we had really made the right decision to drop to one constant income. Luckily it was our night for Adoration. A solid hour of quiet prayer and the doubt was no longer front and center.

Jokingly we asked each other what Wednesday could possibly bring for our 3rd test.

NEVER…..NEVER….NEVER – ask this question! Sure enough there was a 3rd thing directly involving MrTB4M. The good news was that it had nothing to do with vehicles. The bad news was that the hammock chair MrTB4M was relaxing in came crashing down causing his bottom side to meet the concrete patio in an up close and personal sort of way.

At this point, Thursday can only get better!

SO – “how is it going?” “It” is fine – we have had a few glitches; some unexpected events; and some actual PAIN. But, we made it through last week and have started a new week. The business is at risk of being “too” busy and the kids are almost enjoying MrTB4M being home more (and it would be an all-out enjoyment if it weren’t for the chores). Every major change needs an adjustment period – and this is ours. Time will tell what tweaks we might need to make in “our plan”.

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